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By Marketing Eagle: Lisa Anyango

It was a wonderful day that our distributors were looking forward to enjoy the promo, the weather was cool outside, it being the beginning of the long rain season. The energy in the room could not emulate the gloom outside.



Distributors and their invited guests were ready to listen up to the MDR seminar. It was an interactive session guided by two of our very outstanding speakers SM Fridah njagi and RM Grace Wacera. We were also privileged to have the presence of our very own in-house nurse on stand-by, SM Millicent Rebby. She checked the BMI of most of the distributors and their guests in attendance and gave them expert advice on the products they should use in order to regulate their body weight.

Since the day was dedicated to health awareness, there was a brief aerobics session dedicated especially for that day. The distributors and their guest came ready to get lifted through aerobic. The outstanding marketing eagle Madam Jelai Diaz led them through the very powerful aerobic sessions. The energy in the room pumped up to a crescendo as everyone stretched their muscles and got their heart pumping and fat burning. It was a very energetic session that left everyone feeling renewed and young.


It would not have been complete without the awarding session. The most outstanding distributors were awarded. From the most energetic to the newly signed up guests, to the powerful speakers and the faithful nurse on standby. Everyone is appreciated in Edmark.


Since it was also a special day for purchasing promos, distributors queued on the counter to have a purchase of the promo that was only special for that day only and as they purchased they moved to the information desk where they were given more information on how to use the products.


It was a wonderful day indeed. The guests and distributors came to celebrate the gift of health the Edmark way and they walked out of the seminar satisfied and rejuvenated.


By Marketing eagle: Lisa Anyango

Despite the election fever Edmarkers were still determined to purchase and have a good Easter Party. They came out in large numbers hand in hand with their invited guests and family. The Edmark hall of love was neatly decorated with Easter eggs and wonderful music was blaring.

The hall was fully packed and we were ready to begin the event. The session was opened with prayers both Muslim and Christian, followed briefly by the Kenyan National Anthem and the dance energizers. This was the day when there was a special Easter promo for the distributors to take advantage of the once an opportunity promo. We had also lined up very many exciting activities and games that were prepared especially to revitalize and rejuvenate the guests and distributors.

picture 1

The session began with a powerful MDR session that was led by our very outstanding speakers and trainers; SM Millicent Rebby and SM Beatrice Koyonzo. They did a powerful presentation on the Edmark products and the marketing plan and our guests had the opportunity to taste some of our products.

It was now time to have fun with the lined up activities. The first game to play was that the distributors were asked to look under their chairs because there were gifts and surprises. Some of the participants got a “Happy Easter” message while some had the surprise of winning a prize. Next we had a very wonderful game that got the distributors running around the office helter- skelter. The ‘find the missing egg competition.’ those who found eggs hidden strategically around the office were given the prize.

The next game was really hilarious. It was called stomping the balloon game. The distributors tied balloons around their feet and they were supposed to step on each other’s balloon and just make sure their balloon did not burst. It was fun and laughter as the distributors ran around trying to outdo each other.

picture 3

After more fun and laughter it was time to recognize the best dressed easter attire. Edmarkers really went out of their way on this one. They made amazing designs and picked inspiration from around the world. One of the distributors Mr. Wilson Otieno made an Indian suit using ginseng coffee sachets. Madam Fridah njagi made a very lovely kitchen apron using the red yeast coffee sachets, Madam Mauren Waita made a ‘bullet proof’ vest also using red yeast coffee. Madam Haddy Apolot made a hat that could be turned into a fan from a concoction of Edmark products. Lastly the bubbly Madam Millicent Rebby made an outfit using Edmark paper bags.

picture 4

All of them made wonderful outfits which they modeled to all Edmarkers to see amidst cheers and excitement. Indeed they were awarded generously. We still had more games to be played soon afterwards. The air in Edmark office was truly filled with exuberance and exhilaration as more distributors continued to stream in to purchase the promo.

picture 2

Easter party road show promo was a very successful event that every distributor wished to attend and take part in the once in a lifetime opportunity.

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By Eric B. Kaimenyi

On Saturday 25th 2012 Edmark Kenya was proud to launch the Beauty Pack for the first time. It has been 2 years since Edmark was launched in Kenya and since then Edmarkers here have constantly and patiently been waiting for this amazing products. They came in bright and early with each accompanied by guests and their team members.

We kicked off our event with prayers which were preceded by a dance session led by the Kenyan marketing team. We then settled down and received welcome remarks from Crown Manager Ernesta Jalipa. This was then followed by some games which had everyone cheering on their feet as they watched and urged on the participants.



Our new products were then unveiled in the presence of our Marketing in charge Ms. Jelain Diaz together with CM Ernesta Jalipa and EM Peter Godfrey, amidst the cheers and applause from the excited Edmarkers, for some being the first time to see the products physically. 



Everyone settled down to listen to the first ever beauty pack presentation in Kenya and on hand to deliver a powerful and well set up presentation was our newly promoted Emerald Manager Mr. Peter Godfrey Kizito. He stepped on stage to do the Edmark CoCollagen and Bubble C presentation and he did so with finesse and skill that had everyone glued to him throughout his seminar. Our guests then got to taste our new products during the Demo at the end of which each gave their glowing commendations on the taste of the products.




We then had a short break before embarking on our last product presentation for the Bio-Elixir. This was done by Crown Manager Ernesta Jalipa who put together an outstanding, well planned and detailed presentation. She outdid herself as she showed her prowess and fluency in Edmark Product knowledge and also amazing people skills as she had everyone applauding over and over again.

This presentation was followed by a question and answer section and the eager attendees did not shy off from asking whatever question to the two trainers who did an exemplary job in answering each and everyone’s questions.

After all were answered it was time for announcements and sharing of good news and then thanksgiving prayers. Edmarkers then got time to mingle and go to make their purchases amidst their dancing and celebration.


It was truly a remarkable day and we at Edmark Kenya branch want to thank all those who were part of this unforgettable event. We pray that the introduction of the new products will better even more people’s lives and also help our outstanding distributors to soar to greater heights in Edmark business.

Thank you all and may the Almighty God bless you abundantly. See you at the top.

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